Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 05.23.10



Night and day, Atlanta, GA.

From the 43rd floor in the air, Westin Peachtree.

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  1. Lynda M O May 23, 2011 at #

    What’s happening in Hotlanta, LD ?~! That’s a long way from home. Are you a baseball fan, and if so will you take in a Braves Game while you are there; that’s what I’d like to do in the event I ever get back to that section of the country. Although with TWO major league teams just a few stops away on BART…

    • Lesbian Dad May 23, 2011 at #

      Aha! I was there not for the baseball (A’s fan, but very abstractly; “my” team was the dream team of the 1970s — Vida Blue, Catfhish Hunter, Reggie Jackson, et al.), but for the BlogHer Food conference this past weekend. And no, I’ve not been a stealth food blogger under a different pseudonym at a different blog. Next up (i.e. next post): my long overdue “What’s My Line?” post. 🙂

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