Milk drunk

And lovin’ every minute of it.

Heaven knows I’d have liked to have stayed up to the wee hours lovingly rendering our first-ever mid-year meeting with our Preschool folks, but a modicum of good sense regarding my upper respiratory health, or rather current lack thereof, dictates that instead I actually sleep when normal people do (peep the Wikipedia entry on “hemoptysis” if you dare, but I won’t respect you any the less if you screech to a halt when you get to the word “sputum”).

Instead of the buncha words I’d have liked to post, I offer this here image of the lil’ peanut, taking a break from his favorite nosh. What’s in his thought bubble?

7 thoughts on “Milk drunk”

  1. Thanks for the health concerns: am skedaddling to an urgent care appointment this very afternoon (the earliest available). Nothing like having kids hanging around the house all day with next to no immune system to snap one into action around taking care of oneself!

    Love the caption.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean, sister. Looks like this give me just the merest hint of the number of hours I’ll be spending, about fifteen years from now, on our front stoop counseling the various heart-sick, love-lorn chums of his from the local high school. “He likes you, honey, just not that way. You’re perfectly likeable, and you’ll find the right person one day. Next?”

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