Reach for the sky


Hold up! Berkeley, CA.

Wordless Wednesday is better than No Post A’tall Wednesday, I always say. Or rather I’m trying to get back into the habit of saying.  

He is treating my gardening hat very nicely, but I do think we’ll have to get him his own cow poke outfit soon. The boy has a flair for the dress-up, no doubt about it.

3 Responses to Reach for the sky

  1. Lynda M O May 25, 2011 at #

    I love his imagination; and those eyes…

  2. lizk May 27, 2011 at #

    He looks like he could be conducting an orchestra! I love how the gaze is directed up — I’m guessing he could see his Baba in the mirror. So sweet.

  3. Lesbian Dad June 2, 2011 at #

    Yeah — just for that one second. Which was all it took.

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