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Blue Friday


On our last visit to my beloved’s dear chum in LA, I took the kids to the Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena.

Quite naturally, they gravitated to this “Raindrop Climber” dealie.  You know, one of those contraptions that’s the worst combination of claustrophobic and vast, with no headroom for anyone over four-and-a-half feet tall yet coiling for two or three stories up into the ceiling; kids disappear way, way out of sight; if anyone gets hurt or needs help coming down, you have to climb up into it to rescue them as you hear their plaintive cries floating from some undetermined location above your head. Which of course is liable to bang into cold, metal objects multiple times before the ordeal is through.


I love these sorts of things.


Fortunately, so do the kids.


For a little musical accompaniment, “Blue Monday,” by New Order:

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