Lesbian Dad


Pop-up dance party on Market Street, San Francisco, CA. Consider this image a placeholder. Soon I hope to file a longer, more image-strewn and word-bedecked accounting of Mrs Dad’s and my foray into the City last night, in which we joined thousands of our kind in rejoicing the death of

Hard to put it into words

Precocious wordsmith, Berkeley, CA. Events of the day, SCOTUS-wise, hard to put into words, but this one’s a start. The above image came from the May, 2008 day the California State Supreme Court declared that our constitution protected all Californians’ right to enter into a legal marriage–regardless of which sex

Day of SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision Rallies

So we now know: SCOTUS will release their marriage decisions tomorrow morning, Wednesday June 26th, circa 10am Eastern. The first two days of this week have already been rocky, with a partial victory (but not a decisive defeat) for Affirmative Action in the Texas case, handed down Monday, and a

Weekend bonus shot, 06.23.12

At the end of the pier in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, Berkeley, CA. On Baba’s Day a week ago, we came back to the Berkeley marina after visiting my Pops. We ended our adventures here, at the terminus of the kilometer-long Berkeley pier. The remnants of the

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