Love is a rebellious bird

Elmo’s World?

Okay, no. Different tack. Sleater-Kinney?*

Nope, Carmen. To be exact, Carmen’s first dittie, “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle.” A.k.a. the “Habañera,” here rendered with signature gusto by La Divina.

Last weekend we heard the Metropolitan Opera’s Saturday radio broadcast of Bizet’s ever-popular opera as I was making blueberry pancakes, and the lil’ monkey was transfixed. The Met broadcast was something my mother used to listen to long ago when she was young. She used to do her ironing to it. For this reason alone — that I picture my mother, a young woman, in an apartment about a half-mile north of here, humming under her breath as she pressed the wrinkles out of the very few, likely very worn dresses she owned — for this reason alone, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Saturday Met broadcast. While she’s not here when I listen, she’s still here, somehow.

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Equality for All News Alert

In her Weekly Political Roundup two weeks back, Dana at Mombian reported that “Two conservative groups in California have filed proposed ballots that would amend the California Constitution to define marriage as one man-one woman regardless of how the state Supreme Court rules.” Her link is to the San Jose Mercury News piece on it.

This week’s Task Force email Update picks up the story, and conveys that The Task Force Action Fund has donated generous funds and field organizers to the efforts of Equality for All, which is fighting the measure. The Task Force urges Californians to get involved. (At the least: beware of trolls asking you to sign a petition to get this measure on the ballot, and then report them after you give them a dressing-down and scurry away!)

In its entirety, here’s Equality for All’s News Alert:

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Paw madly in area below

Back when we had two dogs, and one of them was a manic, hypervigilant Australian Cattle dog-Shepherd mix and the other an impressionable lab mix, we saw a lot of action whenever someone approached the house.

First one dog — most of the time, quite naturally, the hypervigilant one — would espy someone (friend or foe, it mattered not which) through the living room window, and promptly get all up in a lather. Which lather would inspire the other one to a frenzy. Which frenzy would in turn thrill the first one into an even bigger tizzy fit. Which tizzy fit would embolden the other one to more dizzying heights of agitation, and so on. This festival would then move to the vicinity of the door, and when the intruder/friend’s footfall drew nearer and nearer, they would commence to shredding the door and the wall next to it. This would intensify if anyone had the audacity to ring the doorbell.

For a time we would try to command the dogs not to do that. Down! Get down! Stop barking! Don’t scratch the door! Things of this nature. None of it worked.

Then it dawned on me that we could have a system that worked with them, rather than against them. I carefully printed out a sign that read: “PAW MADLY IN AREA BELOW,” and affixed it directly next to the door, above the spot they most feverishly pawed. Thereafter I would watch, smugly, as the whole scene would repeat itself, and the dogs would do exactly as I had directed.

Simplicity itself. I was a king in my own home again.

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