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Equality for All News Alert

In her Weekly Political Roundup two weeks back, Dana at Mombian reported that “Two conservative groups in California have filed proposed ballots that would amend the California Constitution to define marriage as one man-one woman regardless of how the state Supreme Court rules.” Her link is to the San Jose

Paw madly in area below

Back when we had two dogs, and one of them was a manic, hypervigilant Australian Cattle dog-Shepherd mix and the other an impressionable lab mix, we saw a lot of action whenever someone approached the house. First one dog — most of the time, quite naturally, the hypervigilant one —

Monday eye candy

I may be speaking for only myself when I say that a little cheering up is in order. Lawrence King’s death (and the poisonous homophobia / misogyny that spawned it) still sits heavy on my heart. Plus my nephew’s birthday is coming up. Nephew that’s in the ether, that is.

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