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Reach for the sky


Hold up! Berkeley, CA.

Wordless Wednesday is better than No Post A’tall Wednesday, I always say. Or rather I’m trying to get back into the habit of saying.  

He is treating my gardening hat very nicely, but I do think we’ll have to get him his own cow poke outfit soon. The boy has a flair for the dress-up, no doubt about it.

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Weekend bonus shot (Monday edition), 05.23.10



Night and day, Atlanta, GA.

From the 43rd floor in the air, Westin Peachtree.

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Wordless Wednesday, sublime smile subcategory


A great many Wednesdays around here have gone by wordlessly of late, so the post title is a bit misleading. Slowly (slowly! I am a 21st c. resident, on a 20th c. timeclock!) I am finding my way back here. I feel a post comin’ on soon (ok, I see a chunk of time on a plane tomorrow, some of which time I may wrestle to polish off a long half-baked explanatory note). On the other side of this upcoming weekend is a wee clear patch in the ongoing (thrill a minute!) steeplechase that is my new job. I have pencilled in “catch breath.” Hope also to ink in “write more.”

Meanwhile, me boy.  Yes, that’s a haircut up under the cap there. He wanted it. Sigh. He can come back again to the Roger Daltry/ Robert Plant look again in his teens, I s’pose. Grandma’s looking adoringly on in the blurry left foreground. And me, behind the camera lens, catching another glimpse of him as a young man (as I try to catch my breath).

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You will find them growing up faster than you thought


That’s my fortune.

The girlchild is already well into the “paper fortune teller”/ “cootie catcher” game playing era. (Here’s a pretty good set of directions how to DIY. Plus I like the book the website’s in support of.)

Next thing you know she’s going to be studying for the S.A.T., and just a blink after that, calling me up and telling me to find cheap tickets to Oslo to attend her Nobel ceremony. Whoosh, it all goes so fast.

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