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A brief Halloween bulletin

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And so it went, Halloween ’10: Hermoine (the bookish Harry Potter sidekick) at left, and the Fairy Godmother at right. Hermoine shown pre-tie, which went on moments later. And shown with books, which were jettisoned some moments after that.  They were great as a prop for the costume contest held at our neighborhood’s annual Halloween Block Party, but too damn heavy to lug around when a person has to focus her energies on dragging a huge bag o’ candy behind her for a coupla blocks.

Cloak remained about as off-shoulder/dilapidated the whole time. She’s not one for haberdashery details.

The Fairy Godmother, on the other hand, is, and had a wonderful time, not least because he wore sensible shoes for walking, not the sparkly dress-up things he picked out at the store. Which were not made for walking.

In other news, yet again, the Halloween Candy Fairy has paid a visit to the household. What is the Halloween Candy Fairy, many of you might ask? I’m glad you asked. She/he visits the households of kids fortunate enough to have hauled in more candy than they can reasonably consume, even if meted out in small doses over a month.  You pick out the candy you want (exact # of pieces can be negotiated; amounts vary across households), and leave the rest in your bag. In our household we leave the bags near the front door. In the morning the eager moppets hustle out of bed, dental health intact and incipient diabetes at bay, and rush to see what nifty giftie the Halloween Candy Fairy left them in their bags. The lore is that the Halloween Fairy takes your extra candy and gives it to other kids less fortunate.

Laugh all you like, but it’s a great way to eat most of your kid’s Halloween candy, guilt free.

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