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My, she’s yar

My, she’s yar

On Tomales Bay, CA, 2011   A month ago yesterday, I left the job I’d been at for eight and a half years. They were eight and a half meaningful ones, spanning the anchor leg of my kids’ childhoods. It was very much the right job to be doing, striking

Godot, schmodot

Waiting for Mama, Berkeley, CA Mama went on a phenomenally unusual (for her) week-long meditation retreat last week.  Since she gave birth to the first of these kids, she had never taken that much time for just her, and she returned a remade woman. We all made it through the

Three portraits

Niece with sparkler, Berkeley, CA.   Nephew with sparkler, Berkeley, CA.    Daughter with sparkler, Berkeley, CA.   My niece turned 11 the other day. We had a “village” dinner tonight, village meaning all three households in our little cohousing community (four kids and five adults among us, ranging from six

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