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Vote today! As if your government depended on it!

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I’d say it goes without saying, but alas, it doesn’t. Mebbe not to y’all, whom I know to be a well-informed and engaged bunch, but one still has to honk the horn.

Here’s the League of Women Voters’ polling place locator, if for some reason you or a chum over your shoulder doesn’t know where to vote locally:

For locals to me, meaning Californians, here’s the Courage Campaign’s Progressive Voter Guide, in a handy-dandy printable PDF format:

Do note, fellow Californians, that the sane vote on Prop 23 is not merely NO, but “HELL, NO!” I take this verbatim from the page from which the guide itself comes, and I couldn’t agree more.

I close with some words from my doppleganger Dr. Rachel Maddow, who said the other night on her show, “What the election comes down to is getting your tuchus off the couch.”

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So arise ye cynics! Arise ye malcontents! You have nothing to lose but your rationale for complaining about the wisdom and loyalty of your public servants!

And if you’ve already voted and are interested in various ongoing updates, here’s Greg Mitchell’s live blog over at The Nation.

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