Lesbian Dad

Prêt-à-porter bigotry

Convenient iron-on transfer for babies and toddlers whose parents can’t be bothered to sew homphobic slurs on their kids’ clothing.  As seen at Michael’s arts and crafts in Emeryville, CA, a store chock-a-block with fun stuff that my dress-wearing boy was grooving on big time (yarn, ribbons, sewing kits), and

Weekend bonus shot, 05.23.10

WE DON’T LIVE IN YOUR SHADOW WE GROW IN YOUR SHADE, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA, March 5, 2009.  (From the LD archives). This was outside the California Supreme Court on the morning arguments were heard in the case challenging Proposition 8’s constitutionality. Reader and online comrade BeethovenLives reminded me

Happy Harvey Milk Day

Today’s California’s first observed Harvey Milk Day. Actions and celebrations are stockpiled here by EQCA and here on the Harvey Milk Day web page. Here’s the Milk Foundation’s site, which includes a great page on Harvey In Schools.  Our school district will be adapting HRC’s Welcoming Schools curriculum next year, as policy district-wide (first such

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