Lesbian Dad

Forwarding a note from Equality for All

Let me be among the first to nickname the marriage ban Proposition Hate. I just contributed another $20. And without oversharing too much, I will say that’s a noticeable sum to our household. I encourage you to do what you can, and spread the word: Dear Friend, We now know

Some Pride grace notes

A few observations on the day, in bullet point fashion, so as to encourage a modicum (but only a modicum!) of brevity. And a few pictures, too (hundreds more at Flickr, here). [Above: Just a few of the hundreds of bikes on which dykes led off the parade, hours earlier.

Happy Pride

Ruminations on the day to follow. For the moment, a picture of a happy gal atop the shoulders of her Baba, as we stroll along with the bodacious Our Family Coalition contingent. We’ll all be hoisting our little ones for as many years as we can muster, I reckon. Even

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