Lesbian Dad

New Year’s portrait


Courtesy our chum AnnZ.  We had a groovy light bouncey jobbie off to the side, catching and reflecting the late afternoon sun on our porch just now.  Other than that, nothin’ fancy.

Yes, that’s a roof in the background there; yes, we live in an attic, what of it.  We like to call it an atelier, anyhow.

This is posted for no other reason but a sense of joyous celebration that I fixed the broke sidebar (simply add “/div” and stir!).  Goddess knows how it happened in the first place, but it happened from up in the mountains, and the mountains are a mysterious place.

When time permits, and I hope it does tonight or tomorrow, I’ll share an account of my blackeye peas buying junket last night, and how it renewed my New Year’s optimism.  Which has sorely been in need of renewal.

May you all be suitably renewed, too.  No time like the present.

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