Lesbian Dad

Mother of God, LD is up for a Bloggie!

Who knew?! Clearly not me. If it weren’t for a friendly note from someone who found out about Lesbian Dad from the voting page, I’d have never, ever known. Nominations opened January 1st, closed January 12th, and then randomly selected voters chose finalists from a list of the most-nominated weblogs.

Two’s company, three’s LOUD

And so we enter the terrible threes. Again. The variation on this theme? BOY! Who, like his sister, certainly isn’t limiting his contentiousness to his second year. All folks near young humans know that the phrase “terrible twos” is only in common usage because of the alliteration thing.  Three years

Weekend bonus shot, 01.17.10

“Martin Luther King Jr, Birmingham Alabama, 1963,” by Ernst Haas. One of my favorite photographs of Dr. King. Given the year and the setting (a jail), I think we can be fairly sure this was not just any jail, but a Birmingham one, and that the text being passed was


Certainly you know of the calamity in Haiti. [Constantly updated Wikipedia page here.] Here’s the whole of Bitch,Ph.D.’s post Help Haiti: If you are among the many who wish there was something you could do to help Haitians right now, here is some advice in choosing organizations to support. Short version:

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