Clan of the Cave Bear meets Mary Poppins


Face painting self-administered, for the occasion of her Gramma’s birthday. She wanted to write “Happy Birthday” on her face, but we convinced her that writing backwards into the mirror with grease pencils onto a fairly small surface area was a doomed, if imaginative, undertaking.

For the fun of it, here’s the self-administered face paint job circa two-and-a-half years ago. Bit of a shift in technique. Same joie de vivre.

Some SOTU notes for your edification


Many of you watched or heard the President’s State of the Union speech last night.  So did my daughter, much to her great thrill (“We’re staying up late! To watch the news!” she said, with a frisson of excitement).  Throughout the speech, though, she was left with a great number of quesitons.  Some were easy to answer, some were stumpers. Judge for yourself:

  • •   Does he know that he’s on TV?
  • •   Why are there mostly men in there?
  • •   Why do all the men have ties on?  They all have dark suits, white shirts, and ties. And the women are wearing a ton of different clothing.
  • •   Do you have a black suit like that, Baba?
  • •   Why is he talking about China?
  • •   Why is it such a fancy theater?
  • •   Is that woman in purple his wife?
  • •   Does he know that his own wife is watching him?
  • •   Why are the people clapping for themselves?

She decided to try to take notes on the whole thing, but this proved more challenging than expected.

“I can’t write as fast as he talks,” she said, still utterly cheery. (We were staying up late! To watch the news!)  Still, she made a valliant effort.

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Mother of God, LD is up for a Bloggie!


Who knew?! Clearly not me.

If it weren’t for a friendly note from someone who found out about Lesbian Dad from the voting page, I’d have never, ever known.

Nominations opened January 1st, closed January 12th, and then randomly selected voters chose finalists from a list of the most-nominated weblogs. And yegods, LD made the cut for one of four “Best GLBT Weblog” contenders!

Knock me over with a feather.

People even been voting on this stuff for, like, almost a week already.  Voting closes this coming Sunday, January 31st.

Here I was, in semi-retirement (right, well, I am prone to exaggeration), chewing over various dilemmas regarding how to write honestly through events — whether personal or global – that defy words and wear down the spirit, pondering how to continue to write about my kids when one of them is now aggressively literate.  When my daughter looks at the WordPress admin page over my shoulder and asks, “Is that you, Lesbian Dad?”  I still can’t tell if it’s an “Et tu, Brutus?” type of a question or a “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” one.  Time will tell.

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