Out with the old! And not a moment too soon!

[Broke sidebar update: sidebar still broke just fixed on the home page! As continues to be abundantly evident.  Not in abundance: my bright ideas as to what happened, or what else to try to un-happen it.  But I’m back home now, and less able to make excuses.  Fixed! New Year’s resolution #1?  Fewer excuses!  New Year’s resolution #2: add a slash-div dealie bop at the end of a suspect post, just for good measure!]

6 thoughts on “Whoosh!”

  1. We live in interesting times, don’t we? Where will be a year from tonight?

    Whatever the answer, I trust the LD Family ship to bob along upright and sturdy.

    The very best to you and yours.

  2. Happy New Year LD. Here’s hoping 2009 has as much wonder and wonderfulness without all the lumpy bits that have been so hard to swallow. 2008 has been a difficult year.

    On a purely selfish note, I hope that you will be inspired and enabled to post prose and pictures with renewed intensity.

  3. Glad tidings to you and yours, Chumpy. Lumpy bits indeed. I appreciate your purely selfish note, too. This recent, messy round of the LGBTQ rights battle has definitely left a good many lumps on me, particularly the prose & picture-generating parts.

    I got to a point, circa eight weeks before the election, where I felt like I couldn’t conscience myself doing anything other than try to preserve the protections so recently granted our family. In the eight weeks following the loss, I have had a hard time feeling motivated to do much more than lick my wounds, and remember that the same family that’s now in legal limbo is blessed by good health, and it’s as filled with love as it was back when it was in legal purgatory, or what have you.

    Thanks again for your selfish note. It works in my own self-interest, too (how enlightened!).

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