12 thoughts on ““Follow me, Baba!””

  1. Oh, thank you virgotex. I am constitutionally incapable of disagreeing with you, even in a falsely modest sort of way, since the little bugger drives me up a tree with love for him and I really can’t resist this rallying cry of his.

  2. definitely the cutest! i’ve been meaning to get back to you re: sons. i wonder if it’s a second child thing because i feel like i have a similarly special connection with C. Stuff to think about. xo

  3. This shot and the previous one of him sitting in the chair are absolutely amazing. Does he realize yet that he will likely get away with anything as far a you are concerned?

    • Erm, don’t tell him that. Since it’s absolutely true. I am hoping to impart enough charm and grace that, after he gets away with whatever he wants, he worms his way back into the good graces of whomever he just hoodwinked.

  4. O, when he starts putting his hands in his pockets…

    The first picture I took of my nephew with his hands in his pockets, age 5 I think, just about undid me. I don’t know why, but I find it so poignant.

    • I think it’s the gesture of an age beyond them — a foreshadowing of a more adult way of carrying the body which, when transposed on the wee little body, only underscores how mini (and vulnerable) they are. Thus bringing out the part in us — those of us that have it — that’s sympathetic and responsive to that. You know, that, or it’s just plain cute.

  5. And I, of course, just love the curls 🙂

    I would be tempted to follow him to the ends of the earth as well! He looks like a happy boy–you’re doing a great job!

  6. My friend’s first baby was born on Wednesday morning. His twitter post this morning?: ‘So tired, but I think I could do this forever’.

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