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San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders’ statement on same-sex marriage

Okay, this was made almost exactly a year ago, but it’s as appropriate as if it was recorded yesterday.  No on 8 folks reminded me of it by posting it on their website.  That is, until yesterday, when they posted their new ad that’s currently on the airwaves in CA. 

A print piece on Mayor Sanders’ press conference is here, from the San Diego Metro News. And Pam’s House Blend included the entire text of his statement in its coverage last year.  [Point of fact 1: He’s a Republican.  Point of fact 2: He was re-elected after he took this stand.]

In recent more news: No on Prop 8 Ad Hits California Airwaves, reports Karen Ocamb at Bilerico (hat tip to Dana at Mombian).  Pam’s House Blend’s got coverage of it here: First No on Prop 8 Ad Hits Airwaves. Interesting conversation in the comment stream about what’s present & what’s absent in marriage equality ads, and why.

Also, yesterday, in Black Voters Not to Blame if Proposition 8 Passes, at Bilerico, Michael Crawford critiqued some of the underlying assumptions of a Saturday NY Times piece by Jesse McKinley, Same-Sex Marriage Ban is Tied to Obama Factor.

Finally, an LD No on 8 fundraising update:  WE’RE IN RANGE!  ONE MORE G-NOTE TO GO!!  If we get to $5,000 by the end of Thursday — two weeks from when we started — I promise I’ll, um, I’ll try to think up something special.  Before, for something or another (oh yeah!  the Lesbian Lifestyle Lesbo Blog of the Year thing!) I threatened to post my high school graduation photo, depicting yrs truly in full femme regalia if I won.  (Okay, partial regalia.  But long hair and make up, for sure.)  I’m trying to think of something that would be something special, you know, something you could only find here.  Not so sure the HS graduation photo would do more than rattle and alarm.  It has to be something modest, though, because things are still under Major Deadline in the Work Department these days.

At any rate, whenever we get to $5,000 — and we will!  yes we can! —  you can comfort yourself by knowing that the LD Love Train will have bankrolled that ad (or their next one, or whatever) four times on the Daily Show!  Er, okay, only twice in the  L.A. market.  Looks like we’re a cheap date up here in NorCal.

Here are the costs to run the No on 8 ads:

  • $50: In a small TV market in Spanish
  • $125:  During “Heroes,” in Palm Springs
  • $500: During “Dr. Phil,” in San Diego
  • $1,000 During the presidential debate, in Sacramento
  • $2,500: Twice during  “The Daily Show,” in San Francisco
  • $5,000: Twice during “The Daily Show,” in Los Angeles
If you need a refresher on the significance of the issue out of state, plus what else you can do, check the No on 8 page How Non-Californians can Join Prop 8 page.

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