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Oh, the posts, they’re coming fast & furious these days*

3mil3days4So fast, the title doesn’t even give you a CLUE.

But you know, making sense TAKES TIME, and a gal has to put the cutie pie son down for his nap.

First, Mark Morford’s bang-up column in the San Francisco Chronicle the other day: “It’s racism and homophobia, neck and neck, down to the wire.  Can they hang on?”

Let’s not be naive. Just because it looks like the Western world is about to get its first black intellectual president, just because the nation’s most influential and populous state could very possibly decide, finally and forevermore, that two adults of the same gender can get married without the cruel hammer of religious ignorance crashing down upon their heads, well, this can’t possibly be a sign that racism and homophobia, two of our three most revered national pastimes (don’t forget the sexism!) are going away anytime soon.

Unless it can. Unless some of our darkest cultural demons could finally be up for a major exorcism. Could it be true? Could this vote, at the very least, be one hell of a giant step forward in the fight against two toxic beliefs that have poisoned the American mindset for ages? Let me suggest: You’re damn right it could.

There are 1,001 ways to try to convince the outer ring of the outer ring of your sphere of influence to get up and do something about this election out here, but Morford’s piece bumps it to 1,002.

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New Field poll numbers should scare you into the street

3mil3days4We knew a Field Poll on the California propositions would be released right before the election, and indeed, out it came.  From “‘Yes on Prop. 8’ gaining on foes, poll finds,” in this morning’s Sacramento Bee:

Over the past six weeks, a proposed constitutional amendment that would end same-sex marriage in California has gained substantial ground but still trails by a five-point margin heading into Tuesday’s election.

A new Field Poll shows Proposition 8, one of the most closely watched state ballot measures in years, is supported by 44 percent of likely voters. Forty-nine percent oppose it, and 7 percent are undecided.

In the last Field Poll, released Sept. 18, the measure was behind by 17 points.

I hasten to remind us, with a stone in my gut, of the “gay Bradley effect,” as I like to call it, surely confounding the historical record about the sexual orientation of the former mayor of L.A. His loss in the 1982 gubernatorial race in this state, given his healthy lead in the polls before the vote, was a suprise, and widely attributed to the social stigma of racism that voters felt when speaking to pollsters.  In anti-gay marriage initiatives nationwide, a 7-10% difference has consistently shown up between actual vote and the polls leading up to it.  Same thing: there’s some social stigma against homophobia/heterosexism, but no one’s looking when you get into the sanctum sanctorum of the voting booth.

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No, no. Make that, UN-holy crap

O, here we go.  Buckle the seatbelts:


Yep.  You heard right.  An official campaign spokesman at a Sacramento Yes on 8 rally just compared advocates of marriage equality to Adolf Hitler.

Yes, that Adolf Hitler.  

Along the way he had the gall to quote Pastor Martin Niemöler.  

Yes, that  Pastor Niemöler.  


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Holy cr@p!*

wediditI love you people!

I was in the midst of “Urgent appeal, part deux,” a rambling rant which may not see the light of internet, because IN CAME THIS BREAKING NEWS!

Look what you just did!  You just blew past our pulled out of my arse third fundraising goal, and poured in more than $3,216 in less than 24 hours!  We get to see the “we did it!” happy graphic again! (For at least 24 hours, really.  I mean it this time.  But then I may be inspired/egged to up it just an eensy bit, one more time. For the last time. Really.)

Why did we did it?  Because a ton of people are coming together and helping us to did it.  Over a half dozen other bloggers have graciously borrowed the code for the thermometer and parked it on their blogs, either in a sidebar or a post:

(You want to post this fundraising jobbie on your blog?  Write me!  It’s yours!)  I’m absolutely certain I’ve forgotten some more LD Love Train Brigadistas, and will gleefully add them to this list, plus the other in-process one I have going on over at my No on 8 page.

*[See?  List already amended!  I forgot the @ss-kicking Maria the Immoral Matriarch! Whose cathartic “I’ll show you a Socialist, you fucking idiots” ought to clean out any toxins you might still find lingering in your system.  She is a national treasure.]

Yet more have linked to it in blog posts, and as Goddess is my witness, I will note and thank all of THEM properly, too.  Along with the first names, the home towns, and the various occupations of those of you who have contributed to this much, much larger battle via this extremely appreciative entry point.  (All info disaggregated, of course, so that you don’t find a clot of picketing wingnuts in front of your house chanting “No on love! No on love!” or what have you.)  

All that, as soon as my fingers can catch up with real time events that are exploding all around me.  

The other reason why we did it is simply that the magnitude of this whole battle is getting bigger and bigger, and clearer and clearer, by the minute.  Picture the opening scene of Star Wars, where over the course of a good long twelve seconds (an eternity in movie land!), we eventually get the full measure of the Star Destroyer, or whatever it is, that’s attacking our intrepid heroes.  Like, at first, we’re all: Ooo!  That’s scary!  Then we’re all: Shit.  O shit.  Then we fall silent.

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