What do you give the couple who has everything?

Everything, that is, but the assurance of legal recognition?

How ’bout a nice juicy donation to the No on Proposition 8 campaign?  It’s all the rage at California weddings this season.

And for good reason.  A donation goes with anything you’re wearing. It fits fine in your already crowded kitchen cabinets because it’s actually never going to go there anyway.  And both giver and receiver know it’s the right thing.  Hmm: material possession?  Or advancement in civil rights for friends, family, and neighbors?  Material posessions?  Or advancement in civil rights for friends, family, and neighbors?  Should be an easy decision.  I’ll go with None Are Free ‘Til All Are Free for $50, Bob.

Above: the donation table at the (3rd, hopefully final) wedding of the nice lesbian gals across the street. Wedding (1) was their own hitchin’, pre-2004; (2) their 2004 San Francisco wedding; and (3) Sunday’s beautiful event, at which their daughter tossed flower petals and clots of kids tucked into a fruit tart decorated to look like a rainbow-flag.  

Donations to the No on 8 campaign are especially useful now that the Yes on 8 ads have hit the airwaves, with predictable scare tactics and misinformation.  Like, your children will be forced to marry their same-sex chums in kindergarten if this thing passes.  Joy of Gay S*x on the required reading list of first graders. Stuff like that.  

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Posting kiddle pix while Rome burns

Okay, well, Rome seems to be fine. It’s the US of A that’s all going to heck these days. And if we don’t all do something RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT, we’re evidently going to be headed there in a HANDBASKET. (I wish I were only quoting my favorite four-year-old, here, and not the stupidest president to darken the doorway of the Oval Office.)

Jiminey Crickets there’s a lot of drama in the news these days. Too much for me, who is a diagnosed Drama-Averse Personality. Given a choice between a cool-headed candidate and a drama queen, I will go for the cool head ten times out of ten. I have enough fun with drama queens at home, thank you very much.

And what do the kids do when the nation’s economy is going to pot? What they’ve been doing all along. Streaking around the house buck naked and giggling madly as they bury themselves in pink taffeta.

Which I think Rep. Barney Frank, Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, will have earned the right to do, after this whole financial market bailout package dealie is over.*


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San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders’ statement on same-sex marriage

Okay, this was made almost exactly a year ago, but it’s as appropriate as if it was recorded yesterday.  No on 8 folks reminded me of it by posting it on their website.  That is, until yesterday, when they posted their new ad that’s currently on the airwaves in CA. 

A print piece on Mayor Sanders’ press conference is here, from the San Diego Metro News. And Pam’s House Blend included the entire text of his statement in its coverage last year.  [Point of fact 1: He’s a Republican.  Point of fact 2: He was re-elected after he took this stand.]

In recent more news: No on Prop 8 Ad Hits California Airwaves, reports Karen Ocamb at Bilerico (hat tip to Dana at Mombian).  Pam’s House Blend’s got coverage of it here: First No on Prop 8 Ad Hits Airwaves. Interesting conversation in the comment stream about what’s present & what’s absent in marriage equality ads, and why.

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