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Weekend bonus shot, 05.31.09

Rainbow flag en route to San Francisco City Hall Day of Decision rally, May 26, 2009, following the California State Supreme Court’s upholding of Proposition 8 and the ban on same-sex marriage. Normally I do these weekend photos in black & white. This one seemed worthy of exception, particularly since

21st of 21

A little mid-marriage equality/LGBT civil rights rally PDA, under the watchful eye of St. Pat’s.  Ahem. [Photo: Cheryl Dumesnil.] I like to think that love will conquer all. I like to believe that the more of us believe this, the more true it becomes. If we’re not there yet  —

20th of 21

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS SAY NO TO HATE! & YES TO LOVE! This was taken just a little over a day ago, though it feels like a week.  On the Day of Decision, the afternoon after the CA Supreme Court released its cowardly ruling upholding Prop 8 for the thinnest and

19th of 21

Slide show of images in and around San Francisco, the afternoon following the CA Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Prop 8 (though also uphold the June-Nov marriages). As of the wee, wee hours of Wednesday morning, I gave up waiting for all my photos to load to Flickr, where I

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