Happy Dependent’s Day

Sign greeting patrons at Local 123 Cafe post-SCOTUS, Berkeley, CA.

On the Twitter the day the US Supreme Court handed down its historic marriage equality decisions, local chum Heather Flett (of Rookie Mom fame) sent not just her congratulations, but an offer to treat me to whatever felt treat-y. A drink right that very moment, or a coffee date to be redeemed soon. I picked coffee; we went to Local 123; and this sign greeted us. Fitting to post it today.

Because the A#1 and A#2 reasons I am grateful for the legal recognition of my partnership is the legal recognition conferred to Kid #1 and Kid #2.  An old African American Studies professor of mine used to say, of this nation: “It’s a beautiful experiment, still unfolding.” Which it is. Jury may still be out on how we realize democracy, but I’m prouder than usual to be an American today.


Pop-up dance party on Market Street, San Francisco, CA.

Consider this image a placeholder. Soon I hope to file a longer, more image-strewn and word-bedecked accounting of Mrs Dad’s and my foray into the City last night, in which we joined thousands of our kind in rejoicing the death of  Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Above: just a block down from the epicenter intersection of Castro and Market Streets, someone had pulled up a bike that was tricked out with a ginormous, self-contained sound system on a trailer.  Castro Street between Market and 19th Street or so had been closed to auto traffic since late afternoon, to accommodate the throngs of celebrants, who numbered well into the thousands. But after 10pm, per custom (and city ordinance), the stage had been dismantled and the party had wound down, Castro Street reopened to traffic. Thus the pressing need for this pop-up party.

Dance music blared. People of all sorts danced. A bubble machine spewed bubbles.  And at the center of the swirl danced a woman with a sign conveying the sentiment that united us all.  Simply, Thank you.


Hard to put it into words

Precocious wordsmith, Berkeley, CA.

Events of the day, SCOTUS-wise, hard to put into words, but this one’s a start.

The above image came from the May, 2008 day the California State Supreme Court declared that our constitution protected all Californians’ right to enter into a legal marriage–regardless of which sex that Californian was. Here was the post then.

It has been five long, long years since then. But in another 25 or so days (procedural detail, but our Att’y General has been behind us all along), my brothers and sisters here will pick up where we all left off as of November 4, 2008.

Watch this space for more soon, when I can get more words together.



Day of SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision Rallies

So we now know: SCOTUS will release their marriage decisions tomorrow morning, Wednesday June 26th, circa 10am Eastern. The first two days of this week have already been rocky, with a partial victory (but not a decisive defeat) for Affirmative Action in the Texas case, handed down Monday, and a  mind-boggling gutting of the Voting Rights Act handed down this morning.

United for Marriage, a coalition of about three or four thousand organizations (okay, three or four HUNDRED), is coordinating and publicizing SCOTUS decision events in cities coast-to-coast. Check out where yours is here.

The San Francisco one is below, with MEUSA and over a dozen other orgs in on the event.

If you can volunteer to help, let ’em know and sign up here!