Hard to put it into words

Precocious wordsmith, Berkeley, CA.

Events of the day, SCOTUS-wise, hard to put into words, but this one’s a start.

The above image came from the May, 2008 day the California State Supreme Court declared that our constitution protected all Californians’ right to enter into a legal marriage–regardless of which sex that Californian was. Here was the post then.

It has been five long, long years since then. But in another 25 or so days (procedural detail, but our Att’y General has been behind us all along), my brothers and sisters here will pick up where we all left off as of November 4, 2008.

Watch this space for more soon, when I can get more words together.



2 thoughts on “Hard to put it into words”

  1. Your blog has had me hooked for a few weeks now. I’ve even gone back to the beginning (mostly because I like looking at baby pictures but also because your posts are fun to read and make me laugh). Most of the time I’ve got your blog open at work so I can read a post while waiting for documents to upload.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say congratulations! I’m very proud of the US right now and so happy that love and equality have won in this case. It’s so tempting to run down the street cheering, but people would look at me funny because I’m in Sweden. So instead I’m babbling on in the comment section of my favorite parenting blog! Hurray!!

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