Weekend bonus shot, 11.17.07


Lunch, Berkeley, CA

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  1. carys November 18, 2007 at #

    such a great shot. you could use it as an ad promoting breast feeding. 🙂

  2. megincl November 18, 2007 at #

    Gorgeous and peaceful.

  3. giddings November 18, 2007 at #

    Just gorgeo.us. That takes talent: Macro AND black and white! Just lovely

  4. LesbianDad November 18, 2007 at #

    Many thanks, all you-alls. Hard to go wrong with the talent I got in front of the camera.

  5. Liza November 19, 2007 at #

    This really is one of your best. I love his eyes.

  6. LesbianDad November 19, 2007 at #

    Thank you, Liza, and your praise is much appreciated, since I know you’ve been eyeballing the online photo oeuvre here for some time. The beloved actually asked me to take a picture of him in that moment, since we didn’t have any images of him breastfeeding — come to think of it, I’m not even sure we have any of his sister breastfeeding! — and she saw that he was looking at her in such a deep, beautiful, breastfeeding baby way.

  7. mattockm November 20, 2007 at #

    Really an unbelievable shot. I am overwhelmed with the beauty of this shot!

  8. mlthom March 4, 2011 at #

    This photo just stops my heart. So much love.

  9. Lesbian Dad March 4, 2011 at #

    That’s it. Pure, pure. It’s what we have access to, as human beings. The trick is to protect and extend it. 🙂

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