Hosanna! And praise be to Liz Henry!


“2005 Kaboom,” from Studio H (Chris)’s photostream onFlickr.

That shero Liz Henry tracked down them durn rogue sub-pages, lassoed ’em,  and brought ’em back into the pen uninjured. (Just sneaked into this movie theater after your other one, lookin’ for a free double bill? This’ll catch you up.)

Then as her horse ambled off into the sunset,  its tail absently swishing the flies off its arse, she tugged in the reins, pushed her Stetson back on her head, swivelled around in the saddle, said the equivalent of

“Aw, shucks ma’am, ah was only jest doin’ muh job. Give a whistle if y’all need anything else. Elsewise, there’s other ladies in other towns what need muh help. Ahm sure y’all understand.”

And with a click click to her trusty steed, she was on her way.

As I watched her noble figure become smaller and smaller in the distance, and heard the music swelling up inexplicably all around me (this music), a small, crystalline tear of gratitude trickled down my face. And under my breath I whispered, “Thank you BlogHer, for sending that woman my way.”

Action punchlist for this fall’s statewide elections

Direct from the Courage Campaign website (thanks to a reminder from hekebolos at DailyKos in “Action: Help the nationwide fight for LGBT equality” ):

Progressives are closer than ever to a victory on health care reform. As 2009 comes to a close, we’ve moved forward on other issues. But what’s looming up ahead could be a disappointment.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009- less than a week away- there will be critical votes on on LGBT equality in three states: Washington State, Maine, and Michigan. With so much attention devoted to other issues in the political realm, bloggers have banded together to ensure we don’t forget the ones with a firm deadline next week.

For that reason, we’ve joined with these three campaigns to put together a summary of who, what, and how. If you haven’t heard of these campaigns, and/or haven’t done anything yet to support them, please consider helping out. If you are a blogger please feel free to grab this content whole cloth and use it for your blog posts. Scroll down to the bottom to grab the formatted HTML to drop into a post.

Last year, as Obama and Democrats were winning across the country, we lost marriage equality in California. It was a bittersweet victory. Pitch in to make sure 2009 isn’t a bittersweet year. Take action to support LGBT equality TODAY.

Herewith, content grabbed whole cloth:

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The beloved just closed her youth music theater company’s production of A Chorus Line, and with that the swing shift part of our family life is slowly, gratefully, opening back to normal. Two of us to do (and trade off doing) what drove a menopausal monotasking Baba half-way up a tree to do solo for too many weeks. With increasingly unhappy kids. Again, I have no idea how single parents do it.

I was already half-way up a tree in the first place, so being driven the rest of the way up it located me at the tippy-top, where the view might be pretty, but the balance is precarious.


Things aren’t been easy. Life-wise and blogularly, and particularly at the points — few, if significant — where those two lines converge. Those who write narrative nonfiction and draw heavily on autobiography are always in danger of writing themselves into a corner: it’s the Faustian bargain one strikes to gain access to the ever-present gold mine of material. But a corner of some sort is where I seem to find myself at the moment. At least until I can figure out how to turn it.

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Weekend bonus shot, 10.25.09


Running boy, Berkeley, CA.

Image above taken a couple of weeks back by the Special Uncle with my camera, only it isn’t my camera but a dear friend’s, on extendo-loan, and (my, do I give it a workout).  What I like about this is how well this moment conveys this boy’s grace.  Maybe he’s not a toddler anymore? Anybody with a running stride like that just might be a young kid instead. O heavens, we have two young kids.

Parenthood: your daily reminder of the indifferent, unblinking onward march of time. Ready or not, here it comes.