You will find them growing up faster than you thought


That’s my fortune.

The girlchild is already well into the “paper fortune teller”/ “cootie catcher” game playing era. (Here’s a pretty good set of directions how to DIY. Plus I like the book the website’s in support of.)

Next thing you know she’s going to be studying for the S.A.T., and just a blink after that, calling me up and telling me to find cheap tickets to Oslo to attend her Nobel ceremony. Whoosh, it all goes so fast.

5 thoughts on “You will find them growing up faster than you thought”

    • Nooooooooo, not a sleepaway camp! Not yourn! Then mine are sure to follow!

      Please do share if you find a good workable design for a fake bush (has to match local flora; has to be mobile; ideally covers up shoes, since your feet will be a dead give-away). That’s going to be my only recourse for their departure to a sleepaway camp. That, or try to camouflage myself as… what? A ranger? Um, with Groucho Marx nose, moustache & glasses? I think the bush is the best bet.

    • O.

      There is no fake bush that would possibly cover me wandering around after my kids on a Greek train.


      In Greece. Please let the years just inch by, please.

  1. It was initially scheduled for the same week as her birthday, a fact which didn’t seem to faze her one little bit. We have, of course, managed to re-organize the hell out of that idea, so it’s happening the week after. But I still haven’t recovered from the horror of it all. And apparently parents are NOT allowed to just turn up bringing… stuff… that their kid ‘forgot’. Although I suspect the magnitude of it will dawn on her as it gets closer. I wonder if she’ll really want to go through with it? Or is that just my wishful thinking out loud?

    I just keep taking deep breaths through the reality that every week – every day – we’re having to negotiate through markers of independence that can’t come soon enough for her, and aren’t moving slow enough for us. Next fall she’ll be taking the school bus and getting off to come to my work – crossing the street in front of the university by herself. Her mama’s losing regular sleep over that one. I keep Gibran’s words close almost every day, so thanks for that.

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