Lesbian Dad

Lacunae, part 1

ocean 005: looking up at the sun, by lifecanvas_com_au. Thirteen years ago on September 1, my mother died. She had broken a hip bone in April, and had spent the better part of the next six months in a convalescent hospital ostensibly trying to recuperate from it. My sister and

Things one likes to see at a party

As the gals passed us by, I found myself commenting to my party guest (after rapidly recording the moment for posterity), “Now that’s something one likes to see.” Party guest: “A girl in an evening gown riding a tractor.” Moi: “Youbetcha.” Party guest (since we were all there wishing bon

Are you a boy?

Our dear friends with the skirt-wearing, evening-glove bedecked, female pronoun-using son are staying over this week, before they return home to Israel, whence they came eight years ago for grad school. Though none of us in the household (counting seven of us, in our extended state) is a gender-bending boy,

We are family

GranBaba with the daughter Who’s GranBaba? My kid’s blood Gramma’s butchie lesbo sweetie, who else? I was recently asked the following: what’s your take on half siblings? other kids from the same donor.. not a part of your family.. who are such lil ppl to you.. or to lil monkey..

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