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My, she’s yar

My, she’s yar

On Tomales Bay, CA, 2011   A month ago yesterday, I left the job I’d been at for eight and a half years. They were eight and a half meaningful ones, spanning the anchor leg of my kids’ childhoods. It was very much the right job to be doing, striking

Not ready

Preschool, Berkeley, CA. Tomorrow will be my boy’s last day at preschool. I am way more unprepared for this than he is. Four months ago I wrote, of this window, and the changing view it affords: now, whenever I do drop him off (as I did this morning; a once-weekly

In the gloaming

[Herewith, one evening in lesbian family life, as contribution to the 7th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day, hosted by Dana at Mombian. For musical accompaniment, might I recommend, this song of the same title as this post, from The Story‘s 1993 The Angel in the House. If you can read and

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