Lesbian Dad

¡Arriba, osos!

Giffords intern, UA junior PoliSci major, and City of Tucson Commission on GLBT Issues member Daniel Hernandez, shaking hands with President Barack Obama. (Photo: AfterElton)

Remember how last week I captioned a picture of Pariah director Dee Rees at work as “one of the most beautiful images I’ve seen in a long time”? Well, this one is sure the HELL up there, too. What part of big ole gay oso pardo [brown bear] shaking the hand of an admiring Black American president is the most thrilling? Um, like, ALL OF IT, how ’bout? Which image, twenty years ago, I’d have thought I was as likely to see as the one I posted the other day of my dad smiling following my legal marriage (performed by my sister’s best friend, & with my two kids among those in attendance) in the rotunda of San Francisco City Hall.

Whenever the going feels bleak, and it often does, I have to remind myself that the bleakest part is the one step back part. And that it’s a response to the two steps forward part.  “The arc of moral universe is long,” said Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., paraphrasing Theodore Parker, “but it bends towards justice.”

I, along with a grateful nation, thank President Obama for his exceedingly presidential, exceedingly compassionate and wise speech last night. And I wish the the young Mr. Hernandez godspeed on his career.

After Elton posted a nice clip of Daniel Hernandez’ short, exceedingly humble speech last night (h/t Blabbeando whose blog, btw, is here).

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