Lesbian Dad

Weekend bonus shot, 01.23.11

Ice cream Saturday, Albany, CA. Apologies for the zero posts this past week. We had a birthday in there, with a double-birthday boy party (4 yrs old & 90). Plus the usual sundry, plus plus. Over here, you will see one sign of the busyness of the week. What the

¡Arriba, osos!

Giffords intern, UA junior PoliSci major, and City of Tucson Commission on GLBT Issues member Daniel Hernandez, shaking hands with President Barack Obama. (Photo: AfterElton) Remember how last week I captioned a picture of Pariah director Dee Rees at work as “one of the most beautiful images I’ve seen in a

After Tucson, #2 in a series

[Ed. note: Please forgive another sprawling disquisition on the emotional/ethical tangle in the wake of Tucson.  I get the feeling these are the first in a long series of such things.] This is a parenting blog, primarily. Parenting as seen through my eyes, which are those of a white middle

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