5 thoughts on “O I just couldn’t resist”

  1. hehe. thanks for posting this. I think I develop a tiny crush on jon stewart every time I see one of those clips. I should get one of those t-shirts “I’d go straight for jon stewart”. ;-). I am always ‘amused’ by the double standards eg her daughter made the “choice” to have her baby – if it were up to her mother, there would be no choice in the first place. but then again, there wouldn’t be a pregnancy either… anyways, fun to watch 😀

  2. Yes! I was delighted to find this earlier today and sent it to several friends. Fun to sit back and watch them back themselves into a corner — give them enough rope, etc. etc. BTW, I read that Palin’s rant, er, speech, has caused a huge spike in donations to the Obama/Biden ticket.

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