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Even bigger news flash: MA legislators vote to defeat same-sex marriage ban!

I can’t help myself. Big week of I can’t help myself.

I just learned this news, via Round is Funny via her post at LesbianFamily.org. She linked to this boston.com piece:

    Legislators vote to defeat same-sex marriage ban.

Of course I darted over to Pam’s House Blend to see more. Here’s her post on it, an open thread that’s sure to have tons of chit-chat on it.

And here’s NGLTF’s press release:

    Task Force hails defeat of proposed state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Now off you go to rummage wherever you like to go for your news & analysis! After you dance a jig for forward-thinking Massachusetts legislators. Two days after the anniversary of Loving v. Virginia: coincidence? Nothing, people, is a coincidence.

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