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Weekend bonus shot (color fairy version), 10.30.10


Love fairy, Berkeley, CA.

The boy’s Halloween outfit, as worn to preschool yesterday. Worth rendering in color, even if it is the weekend and I usually like to go B&W on ’em. (Full-body preview shot here.)

He picked this fairy godmother outfit himself, when out & about with his Ma. He was reportedly entranced the moment he saw it, and insisted they get it. He had initially intended to be a poodle or perhaps a monkey, but all those plans went flying out the window when this sparkly twinkly number spoke to him from the 5-and-under aisle.

I added in the t-shirt, what with it being a chilly day yesterday. You know, for Northern California standards. It was the only clean white one we had, but I also like that it bore an additional, subliminal (and I mean really subliminal: none of his preschool chums reads Latin yet) message.

In the morning before he went to school, he said he was worried someone might say he looked silly. We asked: “Do you still want to wear the outfit?” He answered: “Yes. But I’m worried someone will say I can’t.”

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The gloaming, Berkeley taqueria version.

Watercolor sky, outdoor seating empty but for us, a happy, relieved quartet. I asked the girl child earlier in the day: “Where would you like to go for a celebration dinner?” Her answer, echoed by kids if not from coast to coast, then certainly up and down the great state of California: “Burritos!”

We were celebrating the end of the beginning, the personally momentous event of our renovated house passing final inspection from the grey ponytailed — but don’t let that fool you; he was all business — gent from the city. “You’ve done really nice work here,” he said to Dan, the chap who’s been the foreman on this job since, oh, somewhere’s around June, July. A man of few words (unless you hit him up for carpentry or home repair advice) and high standards for craftsmanship. Ponytailed gent from the city was right.

Since the beginning of summer we’ve been carried away on the fast-rushing river of a pretty much whole-house remodel (left way back there on the riverbank was the discretionary time I had to write much a’tall here, and as I scramble back for shore now, that’ll be one of the first logs I grab onto). The term “whole house” begs clarification, though, since we’d only been living in the attic of it for the previous five years. My beloved’s brother and his family living on the main floor.  It’s all such a long story which is, as with so many long stories parsed out in a medium such as this, perhaps only tellable in bits and chunks.

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Halloween costume preview


I hope I’m not giving too much away about his Halloween costume this year. Least this picture doesn’t show it with the blinkey red lights emanating from under the — what’s the word for that stuff? tule?  Oh, man, was he electrified (well he was!) by the discovery of that feature, by the way. “A twinkley dress! A blinkey twinkley dress!” Secretly thinking inside, I’ll bet, “Ha! No WAY the big sister could ever have had something like THIS!”

There will come a day when he takes his measure with a stick other than something he’s plucked right off her person, but that day has not yet come.

The headwear on this year’s get-up will be different than shown above, and he may not use this flashlight as his wand. Though I think I might suggest he seriously consider it. It does have the dual purpose of proper fairy godmotherly accessorizing and prudent night safety.

(A coupla years back, sister was a dragon and then a bee, whilst brother was a very smiley leopard.)

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Weekend bonus shot, 10.25.10


Night nymph, Berkeley, CA.

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