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Unite the Fight’s video of Meet in the Middle

Unite the Fight is running a live video feed of events in Fresno today (I embeded this stuff above from their Qik Channel), and on their web page they also have a slideshow of still photos running.  As of 1pm, at the start of the rally, the embeded video should be transmitting the rally itself? Just click refresh and you’ll get their most recent feed? Or go over to their page and watch it there? For me, the video is choppy but the audio is smooth. Runs like a kind of a near-realtime slideshow.  All very inspirational.

[Update: You can read a live Twitter feed here, on which you can read stuff folks are seeing/hearing/feeling.]

As the cavalcade of media links here imply, I am supporting today’s Meet in the Middle 4 Equality rally in spirit but not in body today. Ah, there was a time, back in my salad days, when you couldn’t keep me from a multi-state social justice caravan, actions dotting the upper midwest, culminating in a big huge march of thousands upon thousands of lesbians down 5th Avenue with no permit and an abundance of fierce righteous pride. There also was a time when I wasn’t Julie, Your Cruise Director for two little people who have a short wick for long car rides and large crowds and a demonstrable need for a midday nap.

The time will come when we’ll all be able to meet in wherever for whatever.  And the broad, long human march for social justice being the way it is, even when LGBT folk have full civil rights, there’ll be many a cause awaiting our bodily contribution. There’ll be a time, too, when my own young will be the ones telling me about where the action is, and inviting me to come along for the ride.  Meanwhile, I’m grateful for the internet, and for the thousands of people who are out putting their bodies where their beliefs are.

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