Interlude: language and discipline

Girl child: Baba, [name of little brother] just poked me with his finger.

Baba: Well, punkin, what might you want to say to him?

Girl child (turning carefully to address her little brother): [name of boy child], I don’t like it when you poke me with your finger. Next time, when you’re angry or frustrated, I want you to use words instead.

Boy child (not missing a beat): Sissy, can I poke you with my finger?

8 thoughts on “Interlude: language and discipline”

    • You are so welcome, rev2bebt! It was an amazing thing, to laugh together with my daughter about his joke, and then to see by the twinkle in his eyes that he pretty much meant to crack a joke. Little imp.

      And hahnathome, I’m thinking, the deliciousness of getting the older sibling’s goat is the mother of invention.

  1. They are both so civilized about it though. Our youngest is a poker and pusher of her older brother’s buttons but it often devolves into shrill screaming.

    • Ah, sister Vikki, I predict shrill screaming any month now. Your young are a little ahead of ours, and we have only recently (i.e., last half-year) entered the domain of Hey! I could just swat at her! What’s stoppin’ me? Will keep you posted.

      And annz, I will be ever so happy to pass that on. [“Hairy-less”: our girl child’s play on “hilarious”]

  2. This made my day. There are 2 years and 2 months in age between me and my younger brother. As a child, his entire raison d’etre was to wind me up as much as possible. He was the international expert.

    I have a sneaking feeling the only reason this dynamic has mostly disappeared in adulthood is because we don’t see each other all that much. Even now in our late 20s, on occasion (usually around Christmas) it can return.



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