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Forgot the “G”

Wish the omission in the packing/to do list title was a joke. Like I wish the level at which my brain functions these days was a joke. Alas, it is not.

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Weekend bonus shot, 03.29.08

Hand, Berkeley, CA.

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Peanut’s eye view

Sister looms large. Pace setter, lead dog. “This way!” “Like this!”
Not for ever, but surely for now.

Not such a bad gig, so long as it lasts. For either of them.
Or so it seems.

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

The girlie must have been watching Britney Spears on YouTube behind my back. I give you Exhibit A, below, right: what the lil’ monkey hath wrought, aided and abetted by her artsy crafty scissors. Yes, that’s her hair. Correction, was her hair.

IMG_4101.JPGI didn’t freak out after her first bout with the shears. That is, after I knew what had happened. I’d been distracted by feeding her brother, and went to check in on her at her “art table,” where a suspicious quiet had fallen. I asked her how she was doing, and lovingly began to pet her head, when her hair began to come out in clumps in my hands.

Quite naturally I was spooked. “Yegods! Cancer?!! Chemical attack?!! Homespun curse from a grudge-bearing preschool enemy?!! Dammit, girl, would it kill you to share the Polly Pocket Dolls?!! Look what happens!!” Then I saw her scissors on her art table, and some tell-tale evidence in the way of yet more hair.

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