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Weekend bonus shot, 05.26.12


Buddha Cole, Lucy’s room, Sherman Oaks, CA.


Flying Cole, Lucy’s room, Sherman Oaks, CA.

A four-way match made not in heaven, but in an old friendship. The mamas of all these kids met in 1989, as apprentices at The Children’s Theater in Minneapolis.  Then on to New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse, where one of them met the man who’d become half these kids’ papa. Old friends’ kids, friends. Nothing quite like it.

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Story of his life

A friend and two siblings, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA.

Story of his life, so far. And it ain’t a bad one. Sandwiched between, trotting to catch up with, scheming to annoy, and otherwise organizing most of his leisure hours around activity with his older sister and either (a) their older girl cousin, whom we live with, more or less, or (b) the neighbor girl up the street, daughter of the nice lesbians, or (c) another chum of his older sister’s, usually a girl but sometimes a boy.

Other much less frequent options include hanging out with his next door older boy cousin, who’s now 12 years old and can rarely be sighted in the lingering presence of those this much younger than him, or with one or another chum of his from preschool, which does happen, but not nearly as frequently as we’d like, what with the both parents working their arses off and having very limited capacity to make nonstandard childcare arrangements thing. Still, he’s an astoundingly happy, well-adjusted young person.

Downside: he spends a lot of time running to catch up and often molds his likes and dislikes to conform to those of his big sister. Upside: he’s extremely comfy and at home with women older and (at least at this point, due primarily to the unfair advantage of years) wiser than him. He could do worse. Actually, he’s following in the footsteps of his mama, whose extreme comfort with older women led her to yrs truly, and look how splendidly that turned out.

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I’ll Take Obama’s Symbolic Gesture, Thank You Very Much!

UntitledPundits and analysts are actively working over yesterday’s statement by President Obama that “same-sex couples should be able to get married.” It was calculated! It was a cynical attempt to recoup lost demographics he needs to get elected! He just wants to motivate a lackluster base!

You know what? He said it, and that’s what matters to me. Because for me, and for millions and millions of other LGBT Americans (and the friends and family who know and love them), no matter how he got to that statement or why, he said it. I still got to hear those words come out of his mouth. It matters that a sitting president has, for the first time in history, recognized my rights to provide my family equal protection under the law.

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‘Nuff said.

Not like there’s not more to say, but because I can barely move my fingers across the keyboard I am having so many simultaneous cows.

I’ll add links and maybe even full sentences below as/ if I can above, in a snippet of a post I published over at my workplace (do visit in its entirety, if you can!). Meanwhile hie thee to your favorite news or commentary source because this is the news of the hour, day, week, and hopefully, ELECTION.

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