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Urgent appeal from No on 8*

This just over the transom, from Kate Kendall (NCLR Exec. Director), closely followed (in more or less the same language) by Geoff Kors (Equality California Exec. Director):


On Tuesday, the other side reported donations of $2.2 million, dwarfing the $255,650 we reported, and called on their donors to contribute another $3 million.  

With this enormous sum of money they are buying every available ad space on TV in California to blast even more of their hateful lies and prevent our messages from being seen. 

Unless we raise $3 million in the next three days we will likely lose.

Kate added:

A campaign donor recently told me that their gift was five times more than they had ever given and suggested that everyone do the same.  I am pledging to raise $100,000 each day, and Sandy and I are draining the household emergency fund to make the largest contribution we’ve ever given to a political campaign.  

And I’m asking you to increase your gift at whatever amount you can, so that we can match the other side on the air.

So.  It’s back to the family budget talk for the beloved and me, to figure out what ELSE we can do without.  More than separate-but-unequal status for our family.

It was nice seeing the LD fundraising thermometer all cheery and “we did it!” but I am tweaking it a third (and final) time.  Rather than pull a sum out of my butt (!), I’m going to set the goal to a dollar less than the bodacious 8against8 gals raised in a cool week.  Which leaves us with $3,216 dollars to raise in 56 and a half hours, for an average of a little over $50 an hour.  You know, like, including in the middle of the night.

*[D’oh! My East Coast doppelganger and partner in chrome L,D! reminds me: it’s not like this thermometer jobbie is only parked here!  So I just bummed out/set the bar higher for the cadre of LD comrades running the thermometer in their sidebars.  Ooops!  Do you want to post one of your own?  WRITE ME AND I’LL COUGH UP THE CODE, you won’t even have to ask me twice.]

A gal can hope.  And at least we can each of us try really, really hard to do everything we can. We are at the friggin’ wall here, the 20th wall in a marathon.  And we are so, so very close to a win.

For one thing I can guarantee I’m going to produce a “WE DID IT!” or “WE TRIED!” holiday greeting card, with some No on 8 imagery in the background.  I promise to sell them at minimum markup.  And for everyone who dug ’til it hurt, we can arrange it so I can purchase your cards for you at zero CafePress markup.  Hey, it’s something.

For another thing, I know that No on 8 is extremely fast with their turnaround on these internet donations.  Whatever you give now, you can be assured is on the ground or on the air within 24-48 hours.  If they get it by Friday midnight, I can guarantee you they will spend it on the election, before election day.  I’m sure that’s why they have the heat on for a Friday deadline.

Now excuse me while I take my kids on an afternoon walk through the neighborhood to go rummage for dropped coins. 

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