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Yep! It’s soup for lunch, again!

Campbell's Soup: Yay.  American Family Ass'n: Pfffft. I missed this earlier piece from our gal Dana at the Mombian desk. Seems Campbell Soup Co. has marketed to the LGBT market, with an ad featuring two lesbian moms (pro chefs, it turns out) serving up some tasty soupy vittles to their son.  So far, so placid, right?

Well, surprise surprise, the American Family Association, whose job it is to disrupt as many of our families as they possibly can, is trying to punish Campbell’s for this.  They’re asking haters to find out if their kids’ schools participate in a thirty-year-old program in which Campbell’s makes donations of educational equipment in exchange for soup labels. Dana writes:

If schools participate in the program, the AFA says, parents should ask them to stop, because the company “openly supports homosexual marriage.” (Never mind that marriage is never mentioned in the ads, and the ads were targeted at an LGBT audience. Not that it should matter even if they were in a mainstream publication.)

GLAAD’s blog post on the issue here.

How to support Campbell’s, other than serve up their goods to your kids morning noon & night? Dana says:

You can express your support to Campbell’s by writing to Douglas R. Conant at Campbell Soup Co, Campbell Place, Camden, NJ 08103, (800) 442-7684 or (800) 257-8443, douglas_r_conant@campbellsoup.com, or by using the feedback form on the Campbell corporate website

How many years until an organization with this name (American Family Association) and this agenda (basically, hate-hate-hate), is considered a  scourge and an embarrassment by more than we members of the communities they target (and our bleeding heart liberal friends)?  In a just nation, every single organization on this list ought to be out of business, simply because people no longer find them credible or conscionable.

PS: How ’bout serve some Pepsi up with that soup?  ‘Cause the AFA is after them, too, for being kind to us.

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