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Oh, the posts, they’re coming fast & furious these days*

3mil3days4So fast, the title doesn’t even give you a CLUE.

But you know, making sense TAKES TIME, and a gal has to put the cutie pie son down for his nap.

First, Mark Morford’s bang-up column in the San Francisco Chronicle the other day: “It’s racism and homophobia, neck and neck, down to the wire.  Can they hang on?”

Let’s not be naive. Just because it looks like the Western world is about to get its first black intellectual president, just because the nation’s most influential and populous state could very possibly decide, finally and forevermore, that two adults of the same gender can get married without the cruel hammer of religious ignorance crashing down upon their heads, well, this can’t possibly be a sign that racism and homophobia, two of our three most revered national pastimes (don’t forget the sexism!) are going away anytime soon.

Unless it can. Unless some of our darkest cultural demons could finally be up for a major exorcism. Could it be true? Could this vote, at the very least, be one hell of a giant step forward in the fight against two toxic beliefs that have poisoned the American mindset for ages? Let me suggest: You’re damn right it could.

There are 1,001 ways to try to convince the outer ring of the outer ring of your sphere of influence to get up and do something about this election out here, but Morford’s piece bumps it to 1,002.

And here’s 1,003: Samuel L. Jackson’s voice-over on the most recent No on 8 ad.  More donations from that outer fringe of that outer fringe of your sphere of influence (since you’ve totally rallied the inner fringes, right?) will keep this ad on the air this weekend.  And since we just learned from the Field poll that the 7-10% who are undecided will most certainly decide this election, that is some hugely influential ad time.  The noise is deafening out here, the confusion about the proposition utterly stymieing, and something like this can and would cut through it.

If people actually see it.  Another $1.5 million in donations can keep it up on the air through the weekend Election Day. 

*[Double yer dollars! This just in: a $100,000 challenge grant is on the proverbial table right now, so all incoming donations will be matched, up to $100,000 by philanthropist Tim Gill and his partner Scott Miller.]

It couldn’t possibly be a more effective way to spend yet more of your hard-earned, rapidly dwindling supply of money.  The bang of justice for your buck: righteous.


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