Lesbian Dad


Ruminations to follow. Today, a nod to a herstory-making moment in the LGBT Civil Rights Movement.

Whether or not you’re unmitigatedly pro-marriage, as an institution; even if you believe that federal rights and protections for all LGBT people would be best served by expansion of the federal Civil Rights Act to include us; even if you ultimately believe that all forms of family and relationship deserve necessary legal and financial recognitions and protections, it’s still hard not to feel this day as a movement milestone.

I do.

[Later note, on Wednesday, June 18: SFGate coverage of Day One around the bay: Wedding bells still ringing for gay and lesbian couples around California. Hell’s bells, they even have a whole page dedicated to rounding up their same-sex marriage coverage. Okay, last peanut gallery remark: You know what I thought when I saw this picture? Yep. “Nice suit.”]

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