Lesbian Dad

What do you give the couple who has everything?

Everything, that is, but the assurance of legal recognition?

How ’bout a nice juicy donation to the No on Proposition 8 campaign?  It’s all the rage at California weddings this season.

And for good reason.  A donation goes with anything you’re wearing. It fits fine in your already crowded kitchen cabinets because it’s actually never going to go there anyway.  And both giver and receiver know it’s the right thing.  Hmm: material possession?  Or advancement in civil rights for friends, family, and neighbors?  Material posessions?  Or advancement in civil rights for friends, family, and neighbors?  Should be an easy decision.  I’ll go with None Are Free ‘Til All Are Free for $50, Bob.

Above: the donation table at the (3rd, hopefully final) wedding of the nice lesbian gals across the street. Wedding (1) was their own hitchin’, pre-2004; (2) their 2004 San Francisco wedding; and (3) Sunday’s beautiful event, at which their daughter tossed flower petals and clots of kids tucked into a fruit tart decorated to look like a rainbow-flag.  

Donations to the No on 8 campaign are especially useful now that the Yes on 8 ads have hit the airwaves, with predictable scare tactics and misinformation.  Like, your children will be forced to marry their same-sex chums in kindergarten if this thing passes.  Joy of Gay S*x on the required reading list of first graders. Stuff like that.  

I’m only kind of kidding.  Fear mongering and Your Children Are At Risk crapola will feature prominently.  The interests of children like OUR CHILDREN will be nonexistent.  They DO NOT FIT INTO THE NARRATIVE.

I would like to rebut that stuff with something more deft than a few exasperated ALL CAPS fits, but will have to table it for a future post. Today’s dittie will need to be short n’ sweet n’ lighter than air, since today is one of two major work deadlines for me lately, and congressional aides working on the financial markets meltdown got better sleep than me last night.  

But I do want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR for folks who are celebrating today (May you be inscribed in the Book of Life! Along with the words, President-elect Obama)!  Here’s a Tuesday, five weeks to the election YouTube link. Today, for novelty’s sake, not related to the same sex marriage issue.

If you’re looking for Rosh Hashana relevance, it is skimpy-to-nonexistent.  Sarah is asking for no forgiveness, acknowledging no sins, correcting no faults.  Just asking Jewish people with grandparents to get their arses to Florida and get out the (octogenarian) vote.  Consider her a new fruit you have not yet eaten.


Sarah Silverman’s The Great Schlep

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.


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