Marriage equality & our former babysitter

First, get out your hankies, if you’re the weepy type.

Second, watch for a quickie cameo by our former babysitter (hint: she’s testifier #3!). Yeah, we’re lucky.  She works as a camp counselor at Camp it Up, a long-running summer camp for LGBT families.  She and her homies there felt this all needed to be said, and I think they did a damn good job saying it.

Now if THIS was the post you decided to pass on to a friend, or co-worker, or whomever you haven’t already innundated with links or notices, then I will now provide the following LINK TO WHERE FOLKS CAN HELP SUPPORT THE NO ON 8 CAMPAIGN.   

Regular readers know all about this issue — most of you have long since been buttonholing everyone you know about it, and I’m only raining this stuff down on you so you can pass it on — but if this post is your first glimpse of the CA Proposition 8 issue, you can brush up on it with Wikipedia here, and know that both sides consider this battle a watershed for the whole gay marriage issue nationally.  Can’t tell from inside the fishbowl here whether that’s clear outside the state.  Do tell me if I’m bludgeoning the nail over the head.  Or say: Keep it comin’!  I’m forwarding this shite like crazy, sister!  The more the merrier!

People, I warned you it’d be a one-note symphony for weeks here. Be grateful these fine young people made a snappy video, otherwise you’d be getting another heart-on-my-sleeve jeremiad.

[Action Alert!  Californians should also know it’s a No on 8 Action Weekend this weekend: check out this list of cities in which activities are happening near you.  The Mormon church has pleged to hang one million door signs, and as I hope you’ve read, is hell-bent on imprinting its worldview (can we hear that word and not thing Gov. Palin?) on the state.  Join the coalition of volunteers this weekend, which will include women’s groups, civil rights groups, faith leaders and members of congregations, labor union members, teachers, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  Bay Area folk, want to sit still and use your cell phone instead?  Our Family Coalition will have childcare at the SF LGBT Center for folks phone banking in two-hour shifts, between 10 & 2.  Contact Julia at Our Family for more details.]


fight [next in this marraige equality series: San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders’ statement on same-sex marriage]

8 thoughts on “Marriage equality & our former babysitter”

  1. Wow!!!!! I didn’t realize I was a weepy type and so I watched this at work…. now I’m hoping no one wanders into my office. Or wait, YES! Wander into my office and I’ll show you why my eyes are red!!!

  2. I know I’m a weeper… and we’re getting married soon, and TTC, so all the kids with the gay parents…*sob*
    I’ve been lurking for a while and I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your blog. And I know it pissed the pro-prop hate people off, but isn’t the wording awesome? “Eliminates the right”. I loved Jerry Brown when I was too young to really know much about him; in 1981 he was governor and signed our adoption papers for my baby brother, and he congratulated me, and I was 8, and we were a family of Democrats, and this is a run-on sentence, but I’ve always thought he was a cool guy. This seals it for me… I know that we still have work to do to get it passed, but I feel good! I love my bride-to-be, and I’m pretty sure we’re not destined to be married for only 5 days!
    Anyhow, thank you, and thank you for sharing your beautiful family with all of us readers out here!

  3. Welcome, angelina…, and maybe perkl8 can pass you a hankie. No, wait, I’ll give you mine.

    ¡Viva run on sentences! ¡Viva you and your bride-to-be! Good luck with the T-ing TC! And thank you for reading.

  4. That was a fantastic video. I’ve forwarded it to all my friends. I live in the Midwest, but am working to support the No on Proposition 8 Campaign. Thanks for the excellent resources!

    I’m new to your blog, but so glad I found it. Your family is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Thank you kateinchicago! Hey, and forward them that link to what Non-Californians can do about Prop 8, since it sure do seem to affect us all:

    That’s the page.

    Together we can! And I personally extremely hope that the positive effects spread as far and wide and as fast as they are prophesied to spread, should Prop 8 be defeated. “Gay-hatin’ just ain’t what it used to be? Who can we pick on next? I know! Investment bankers!”

    PS Thank you for reading! I promise, I write about other stuff than just this one Proposition. It’s a special season.

  6. New commenter here. Just sent the vid link to our HIV+ breakfast group… about 40+ members. Most are here in Florida, but we have our Amendment 2 to worry about.

    And yes, I did get weepy! 😉 !!!

  7. Thank you brother! And welcome. Especially for us parents of younger kids (how old is Gracie?), it’s so tremendous to see all these nonchalant, self-respecting, utterly ordinary kids clearly making it through their youth with flying colors. Even if the colors flying at home are rainbow.

    And YEGODS ALL MANNER OF POWER TO YOU FOLKS ON AMENDMENT 2. I think about your battle a lot, and wonder how you folks are faring. Let’s all hope that November 5 is a sunny morning from sea to shining sea.

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