sfcityhall@dusk En route to the Prop 8 debrief in San Francisco last night. A fingernail clipping moon hung directly over City Hall, and high above that, a little to the south, Venus.

A be-suited man paused with me, as I held the camera up to my eye. “I was just thinking the same thing,” he said.

He asked me whether I was heading to the forum, and I smiled and said yes. So nice that we were each so easy to make out, he from underneath his suit, and I, from underneath my watchcap.  We walked together and talked.

[To be continued,  here.]

5 thoughts on “Twilight”

  1. Beautiful photo! I love all the different qualities of light; very peaceful yet with a certain energy, too.

    Oh, and looking forward to the naptime post as well, of course.

  2. ….and a lesbo-fingernail clipping at that: more like a sliver.
    Did you edit the brightness/ contrast or was the light just like that? Either way it’s a stunning picture.

  3. twilight-orig

    Thank you, both.

    The sky was truly just this way. I brought up the exposure of the otherwise darkened foreground. To the naked eye, all this detail was evident, of course. Just not picked up with the exposure I had going — it was really a rather Cartier-Bresson quickie, and I would have needed a tripod to do it all justice, at least exposure-wise.

    Above, you can see the original, before I cropped it, slightly straightened the horizon line, and brought up the foreground detail a bit (all using Adobe Lightroom, one of the finest b-day gifts I’ve ever received).

  4. Oh yeah I see. I also really like the conundrum of the in-focus, moving cyclist against the depth of field. The line of lamps just tease emphasis of this.
    Cartier-Bresson was modest too.

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