Lesbian Dad

Where’s a size 3T breastplate when you need one?

Countless benefits accrue from having an opera singer around the house. So many occasions are embellished by the recitation of a few choice operatic lines. For instance, when your kid receives a Viking hat from her Norwegian American cousins, you can cue the opera singer mum to call out a

Infant car seat: vanquished!

The careful observer will note that this Aztec warrior is not bearing a fainted virgin in his arms, but instead an infant car seat, a far more precious and mysterious treasure. Actual original here.* The other day, when all of Christendom was gathering around their various hearths, slogging back wassail

Your children are not your children

Nine months and two weeks’ worth of our daughter, September 2004. We had the great good fortune last night to attend a performance of Chanticleer, the men’s choral ensemble. Every December the San Francisco-based group finishes up a national holiday touring schedule with local performances. Thanks to the devotion of

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