I highly recommend the venue



[Kids’ eye view photos thanks to D.Legg.]

Beaux-Arts majesty is always in style.

Inscribed in the rotunda, reconstructed following the devastating 1906 earthquake:


I’d say that’s pretty apt. Indvbitably.

The event itself was an impromptu, extemporaneous riff , eleven years in the making.  Make that over thirty, if you consider that’s how long I’ve known our “solomnizer,” my sister’s best friend and my surrogate sister.  About that long, too, if you consider the lengthy battle over this institution in this state.  The post-event party was thrown by my sister (abetted by a small crowd of worker-bee family members) as a gift to us, and featured a repast to be remembered.  It was far more moving than can be rendered a few words.  Suffice to say, it made us — and all our party-goers — want us to get hitched annually.

Now go thou with like spirit to make the future thine.


[Many, many thanks to all for all the warm congratulations.]

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  1. I always read this site, but couldn’t find my password or get the thing to send me one so I finally just reregistered.


    I am so THRILLED for you guys. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful and your wife looks lovely. How sweet does she look getting married with one of your children on her hip?

  2. Brava! You’ve made an honest woman out of one another (I’ve always wanted to be able to use that expression on someone 🙂 ).

    Wonderful news all around and glad you had such a splendid celebration.

    Let us now how married life agrees with ya 😉 Any different from the chapter just closed?

  3. Thank you thank you, all. Little peanut is currently in need of a nap, so I will have to say simply that a few posts are circling the proverbial airport, hopefully eventually doing justice to (1) the day itself, from the taking of the rotunda steps to the basking in my family’s generosity and (2) the befuddling position of being now legit, after so many years of illegitimacy. Different from the chapter just closed? Good question. Hope aircraft (2) makes some headway toward an answer.

    Meanwhile, what may be one of my favorite images of the day, captured on a chum’s iPhone:


    That would be me hugging my Pops, who never EVER thought he’d see this day. And was probably the most in awe of it all.

  4. Liza!! Aubergine and taupe! Thank you! That is soooooo much better sounding than purple and tan! And my inner gay man has to agree with you: a fabu color combination. It was the beloved’s dress from our ceremony 11 years ago, plus a fun new top — ha! I said “top,” not shirt! see? a gal can learn! — that she added to the ensemble. Something old, something new, I guess. My sister’s hair was still blue from an earlier punk DIY dye job, so we had most things covered w/out even really trying. Per my post sometime back, I always consider my kids on loan from the universe. So I suppose that covers it.

  5. Many congratulations, of course – but on a side note, when did the little guy’s hair get so long and gorgeous!! Man, I’d never ever want to cut that.

  6. Goosebumps, chills, and a bit of blur to the eyes, thanks to the post and the images. Heartiest congrats, and enjoy the journey of wrapping your head around the legality of it all. I still find myself a bit befuddled at times.

  7. I teared up. Ah, a day basking in the love of your joint family is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Looking forward to the coming essays, and I’m just so, so happy for you. Whatever the ramifications, or complex feelings – congratulations. Truly.

  8. Congratulations! I love the pictures of your family and you and your dad! I am very happy that you all have the choice to be legit now, whatever mixed emotions you have about the institution itself (and I hear you, there, believe me!).

  9. Holy crap, Tina! (Love your post caption, by the way.) You’re so right! Well. Shows you righteous femmes have good taste. And the baby rarely left the waist. Though his older sister nearly exited the building.

    Here, RaJen! We’re in the beautiful North Light Hall where a few weeks earlier the place had a rope line snaking the brides & grooms toward the counters filled with happy clerks. Now it’s business as usual. Except the ratio of hetero to homo is just a tad different than it was before. 🙂

  10. Happiness to you all.
    I wish your mother could have been there too.
    Even without knowing her, I imagine she would look at your beautiful family and feel a deep familiar connection. I’m sure she would give you the biggest hug ever.

  11. HUGE congrats!

    This is my first time commenting and found you from BlogHer posts, and I’m glad I did.

    Going to read more.

  12. Many, many thanks, sister. Now I have to post another supplementary pic, just ’cause you got me all nostalgic.

    I could just munch munch munch him up. Might have to consider submitting this to the Marriage Equality campaign as a morale booster when the going gets visciously hateful this fall. As, alas, we all know it will. Sigh. Hope springs internal, though.

    [Poster says: Vow to vote NO on the marriage ban.]

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