4 thoughts on “Punky of the sands”

  1. I am going to go all suburban mom crazy on your butt and ask, “Is that a NAARTJIE dress?”

    Because if you also know about Narrtjie, I’m just moving closer to you. It’s destiny.

    PS: My very unloved, poorly attended to Flickr page is shanbrentris. Let’s be friends, okay?

  2. Uh oh. Naartjie? I have to go rummage in the dirty clothes and find out.


    Holy crap, woman! That was uncanny!

    The beloved’s dear chum is a styley Angeleno, and has a daughter just old enough to keep us downstream from some major threads. Needless to say, I am asleep at the threads wheel.

    Wow, that was uncanny.

    Now off I go to do the friendy thing on Flickr.

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