2 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 08.16.08”

  1. Thank the dieties, not the Sharpie. But that’s only because the Sharpies went on quarrantine after I found out the fumes from them would lower her S.A.T. score. Or some such. She did have some fun with them all over her ankles first.

    This body art is courtesy some nice little face crayons for children. Color on the arms was actually black; red and blue and black on the face:

    The best part about her playing with the magnifying glass that afternoon was that everything she was looking at, she was amazed by, and thought that (somehow) I might be able to see the object that way, too. Like for a moment, maybe because her brain was all taken up with the fascination of the distorted view, she didn’t realize that I wasn’t behind her eyeballs seeing what she was seeing. Would that, even for a moment, I could.

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