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Forwarding a note from Equality for All

Let me be among the first to nickname the marriage ban Proposition Hate.

I just contributed another $20. And without oversharing too much, I will say that’s a noticeable sum to our household. I encourage you to do what you can, and spread the word:

Dear Friend,

We now know the ballot measure we’re fighting: Proposition 8. The end-of-quarter fundraising deadline is at midnight tonight, and our opponents will look at our fundraising numbers as a sign of the public’s support to defeat Prop 8. Help us send a strong message to our opponents in these last hours before midnight. Make a contribution now!

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You’ve got 10 hours to make a statement.

At midnight tonight, we’re closing the books on the fundraising quarter — but what we haven’t written down yet is our final fundraising number. That number is up to you. It is critical we show the media, pundits, and our opponents that we will have the financial resources to defeat the ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples this November.

We’re just hours from the June 30 deadline. Please contribute before midnight tonight!

After so many years of fighting for equal protection under the law, the images of committed, loving couples dedicating their lives to each other in marriage have been inspiring.

Yet our opponents are doing everything they can to single out the LGBT community and treat us differently. They have promised to spend more than $10 million to deny millions of Californians the fundamental freedom to marry.

And now, as of late last week we know the ballot measure we’re fighting: Proposition 8.

It sounds harmless enough, but we know it’s not. Prop 8 seeks to deny gays and lesbians the dignity and respect provided by marriage.

Get used to saying it: “No on Prop 8.”

And it’s up to you to make sure we will have the resources to get all Californians to say “No on Prop 8” in November. But we must end this quarter strong. Our opponents and California voters will look at our fundraising numbers as a sign of the public’s support to defeat Prop 8. We can’t come up short.

Please contribute to Equality For All before tonight’s midnight fundraising deadline.

You are the key to victory this November. After you’ve made a contribution, please forward this message to your friends and family. Urge them to help defeat Prop 8 by contributing to our campaign before midnight tonight.

Thank you for all you do.


Dale Kelly Bankhead
Campaign Manager
Equality For All

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