3 thoughts on “Blink”

  1. Hey, and you know he misses you too. His own personal diaphanous wood nymph, on whom to test drive and fine-tune his charming ways. Fear not: we’re trying to figure out how to construe extra childcare needs (not hard!) just so’s he and his sister don’t have to pine for too long.

    “Hey Emily!” he’d say, if he could say either of those two words.
    “This one’s for you!” (ditto above)

  2. I bet he’s not far off ‘How ya doin’?’- if you say it to him enough.

    3 & 4 have a few words each but mostly expressive noises. 4 is the loudest, messiest baby I’ve ever come across. His comedic ‘Uh-Oh!’ a perfectly apt commentary on the domestic chaos he causes.

    This is such an amazing time for their development. Every day brings something new. Just reward perhaps for losing an old favourite survival tactic. Over the last 17 months we’ve consistently eased ourselves through difficult phases with the knowledge and oft repeated line that nothing was as bad as two toddlers walking in opposite directions. What on earth should we think of now? – other than it will be over in a blink.

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