15th of 20


Ring Finger Promise (a variation on the Pinky Promise), with the Special Uncle. Ever since he hepped her to this last Sunday, she has been wanting to exchange Pinky Promises with me every night when I tuck her in.

I say I promise to love her for ever and ever and ever (and I keep to myself all the lugubrious thoughts about how I will continue to do so from the Sweet Hereafter, too, and I want her to know this from her earliest memories). She thinks a moment, and promises that the curtains will always be there.

I promise to try my hardest to understand her, even when she grows and changes. She smiles and looks at me funny and says “I’ll always be me, even though I grow up.” And then she goes back to promising that she’ll always clean up her room.

5 thoughts on “15th of 20”

  1. Sister, I want you to ‘fess up here and now, that you are totally unable to not post for a month.
    Which is all to the good for the rest of us. The withdrawal was likely to do me an injury. But this is not a photo caption, darlin’.

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